They two!

They were looking fixedly at each other with all the love like nothing happened. Apparently, their love journey started the day ,they started talking. Fortunately , she fall with the person he is and he by her penning down for him slowly and gradually , the love took another step towards seeing eachother in front […]

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The god resembling princess !

Intuitions and imagination was all in my mind and body I smiled when someone talked about the imaginative bundle of joy of mine The day i saw her for the very first time she blurred my whole with an innocent mesmerised smile! she astonished me with expressions and the play things she do spoiled me […]

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feeding is happiness!

okay ! so if i ask about edibles we all have list of favourites . in a whale of time , you might started thinking about it and carry on with reading ,answer yourself .yes ,i like italian ,Chinese , Indian and many more .nodoubt, i also have but today ,i got the real meaning […]

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The lovestory of daddy’s girl

so ,you might have seen or experienced the priceless bound between a father and daughter .isn’t? and i’m sure the girls out there reading this would have a quick stuck of their have had members with their father . lets have a short story of a princess and her king . As she consider it […]

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