They two!

They were looking fixedly at each other with all the love like nothing happened.

Apparently, their love journey started the day ,they started talking. Fortunately , she fall with the person he is and he by her penning down for him slowly and gradually , the love took another step towards seeing eachother in front as they were the part of virtual world. so , they decided to meet.

The moment was as beautiful as a romantic movie’s part she dressed into his favourite clour without letting him know and unknowingly,he prefered the same cloured attire to wear , there were butterflies in their tummy to experience such breathe taking moment and therefore , it proven to be the paradice for two. what happened was when she saw him in the car her heart say aloud

thats whats i want and even i was waiting for

so does i have it , the way i want.

the way i want.

,he was looking at her with a broad smile and sparkling eyes who were waiting to see her from long on the other side her heartbeat was beating too rapidly ,they said nothing to eachother but all as we all know goodbyes are hardest that one could imagine , they are the victims of it , now it was the time him to go back home but he couldn’t because the time they shared couldn’t be explained ,they wanted to have it for longer but they couldn’t afterthat with the heavy heart they said bye to eachother and kissed.

the same night , she thought of him whole night , she smiled while thinking that how it can be possible to have someone as you wanted and admire in life because she never had a person who could understand her that much before saying anything and care for her without any limits ,thinking and thinking… thinking and the night passed by.

Their long distance relationship started like usual calls , talks , late night talks and the things , they wouldn’t think of they would have in life … giving importance at the workplace , texting each hour and letting eachother alone as a result , they fall deeply and madly in love.

But…. a thing always made her worry about him that was he never called her his “girlfriend” when she asked who is she to him he always gave reply that pur relationship cannot be better explained as girlfriend and boyfriend. she never asked why because she knew there would be something precious after it.

A night came , when he told her that he is going far away from her to other country , her heart sinks and got numb because could affort to meet him after months but not for years but she didn’t let him know it and replied do whatever makes you happy and satisfied as she wanted him to be stepping up to the ladder of success.

hence , it was the beginning of their love exam .They two started having fights for little stuff no doubt it end up with patch up again but it continued for months and the day came when he said i’m done , i can’t handle it now and they two brokeup…yes! they brokeup.

Roses have thorns so as their relationship contains so much of happenings.what happened next was they two started their life by keeping eachothers presence in mind as expected they couln’t hold it for longer then she texted him to ask him about how he is doing initially , he got rude and angry but the feeling couln’t hide for more and he said ILOVEYOU FOREVER that was the moment she was waiting for and expected.

life started like earlier deeds and their loving conversations and the days passed on. further, a day came and all her life ended how ? she got hitched with the unknown because of pressure and wish of her parents that time they two were not talking , they had a fight again.

she had to move on but she couldn’t

she had him in eyes , mind, heart right?

how she could give someone else a right to have her right?

though she didn’t have any other way out just to wait for him to call or her up.

and he called she overjoyed and side by side depressed what she could tell him and how ? he was the magician to understand her and she knew that she just send him a picture with married bangles. he didnt have any words for it he only reverts godblessyou and be happy.

The experience taught her how being happy would be difficult in her life without him.

whereas , he was heartbroken and shattered he didn’t tell heart situation after hearing that but she was able to understand it juat a silence meant everything for them eventhen,he wanted her to be happy in the circumstances , adjust herself in it because there was no other way out.

that situation, opened up a new chapter in their life where they modified their relationship into something more appreciating. earlier , they were deeply madly in love but now along with the love , they have a faith in god that would unite them in their next birth for sure.

keeping in mind , they two are let going their life happily by taking care of each other alongwith that waiting for the god to shower blessings on them soon.

she being his and he being her forever and ever after.

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