feeding is happiness!

okay ! so if i ask about edibles we all have list of favourites . in a whale of time , you might started thinking about it and carry on with reading ,answer yourself .yes ,i like italian ,Chinese , Indian and many more .nodoubt, i also have but today ,i got the real meaning of food and the worth that is priceless .

how ?

thats so common to find out in the streets of india but we don’t realise the importance of it .we see and rush off for our purposes .

i tell you a personal experience that resulted to be a reality check :

i was on the way with my family and in a meanwhile ,on the traffic lights we stopped .accidently, i saw two little kids now something has popped in your “they would be playing” no, they were not .what i saw was a younger one was giving oranges from the thrown oranges and the elder was looking forward to riped or the good one in the thrash .what was shocking ,they both were almost under the age of 6 or less than that .now can you think of two ?yes , you can .further, i went to them i asked what they are doing ?they said we haven’t eaten anything from 2 days .we saw this garbage having fruits to eat so we sat and started searching to feed us and the moment i heard that my eyes filled with tears altogether,the flashback of my entire life the food i eat ,neglected to eat, thrown by was there in mh memories .may you also relate.

afterthat, i didn’t utter a word i directly went to a nearby greengrocer he was having only oranges and was no other shop to eat so,i decided to buy oranges for them and then i visited them .They saw me from a mile far .They came to me and said can you give us one if you don’t mind .we can divide one of it into two .suddenly ,the younger boy went on my feets and started begging for it to get .I said there is no need to beg its all yours .seriously, i havn’t seen that glow and watery eyes before like i saw at that time .T here was no limitation of their joy and happiness .They started jumping and ate the fruits .

Today’s eye breaking moment has added up a new chapter to my life .I have learnt the value of cuisine not only that but the heart melting joy that innocence has been taught today .

in a nutshell , a oppose to the proverb “money cannot buy happiness” the reason behind is my whole story. indeed!

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